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Poésies Aziz Nesin

There is no word unsaid under this sun..
That is why I say at nights that I love..
There is no word unsaid either at night or during the day..
And I say what has already been said in new forms..
There is no form in the world not tried…
And I remain silent, hiding my love inside…
You hear how my silence screams, don’t you…
There are many declaring their love with silence, my love…
But there is no one who loves like I remain silent…

Textes poétiques
Aziz Nesin

I perceive that you will run away..
I can’t beg, I can’t run
But leave your voice with me

I know you’ll break off
I can’t hold your hair
But leave your smell with me

I understand that you’ll leave
I am already ruined, I can’t collapse
But leave your color with me
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I am not alone again, as always
I am with your absence at this far-eastern night

Twenty five thousand kilometers between us
You live winter, I live summer
You are in one half of the world,
I am in the other half
Still, your absence does not leave my hand
You are even more ‘for me’
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Sometimes I come too soon
Like I came to this world
Or sometimes too late
Like I loved you at this age

I am always late for hapiness
I always go to misery too soon
Either everything has already come to an end
Or nothing has started yet
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This museum,
It is beautiful only when I go there with you.
When there is no one else in the hall,
Kissing you is the most beautiful thing.
This raki,
It is beautiful only when I’m drinking it with you.
Whoever is around,
The most beautiful thing is to kiss your mouth with raki.
This world, you see,
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If you hear the sound of the key in the lock
When you come home at night
Know that you are alone

If you hear a small cracking sound
When you push the light switch
Know that you are alone

If the sound of your heart doesn’t let you sleep
When you go to bed
Know that you are alone
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