Did I love you

(Publié le 16 août 2007) (Mis à jour le: 16 août 2007)


Did I love you? I did, who cares
i hold you, placed to the deepest inside of me
i took, caressed your hair, kissed..
drank sip by sip your beauty
Did I love you? I did for sure

it was with me, the most terrible one of yearnings
got mad, how far you are…
not love, this was something never gets enough
Did i love you? I did actually
while loving, i got completed, i got whole
there was someone who cries; for nights
there was someone who was passiote with you; that was me
Did i love you? I did, the greatest
the most unfaded roses opened inside of me
you were something makes my life worth
you were… in my blurry youth
Did i love you? I did, so it is
arrived to a line with you
and one day i lost you there

Ümit Yaþar Oðuzcan

  1. 24 novembre 2007 @ 14:36 kawtar

    super poeme


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